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PT Banyu Biru Sejati providing services in the form of products and services include:

• Processing of clean water (water treatment)
• Waste water treatment (waste water treatment)
• Waste water treatment of domestic (household)
• Procurement of equipment for water treatment and waste water
• Maintenance and service equipment
• Procurement of spare parts and consumables

Our company is supported by a workforce who are experienced in this field, and some even have had experience of more than 10 years. In addition to providing good service, we also always provide a guarantee of quality work or equipment we provide to every customer.

In running the company, our company aims to try his best to give good service to the industries engaged in:

• Property, such as hotels, offices, dormitories, and apartments
• Hospitals and clinics
• Industrik textile and dyeing
• Industrial ceramics
• Industrial glazing
• The steel industry and galvaniz
• Industrial gas and petroleum
• energy Indsutri
• Etc..


PT Banyu Biru Sejati provide services in the form of planning for water treatment plant (water treatment plant) and waste water (waste water treatment plant). The planning team is supported by a workforce of trained and experienced in their fields to ensure the system is designed according to customer needs.

Planning dimuali of collecting data obtained from customers or prospective customers based on answers given to the questionare. Other data required can also be a result of laboratory analysis of samples taken at the work site. Based on this data will be passed to obtain planning installation drawings (shop drawings) to be applied at the job site later.

Erection and commissioning

Technicians and supervisors Sejati PT Banyu Biru has experience in their respective fields so that the installation work and commissioning of equipment can take place properly and in accordance with the standards required of customers.

Based on the rendered image of the customer or a drawing made by PT Banyu Biru True and has been approved by the customer, installation work carried out on site. Any deviation from the images created will be notified to the customer and asked for approval or input is required so that the execution of the work can still happen in accordance with project schedule.

Commissioning is performed after all equipment and materials installed in accordance with shop drawings. In addition, equipment and materials installed already undergone preliminary testing (preliminary test) as well as the consent of the parties concerned. The time required for commissioning and large depends on the type of work. In this commissioning period, we also conduct training (training) to the prospective operator or customer representative to execute all appropriate equipment and perform maintenance procedures in accordance with instruction manuals books that have been made.



A sports shoe-making factory in Serang has an artificial lake that is normally used to hold rainwater and waste water from the bathroom mess employees. Artificial lake was built large enough. Due to shortage halted water supplies, the management plan for membantun water treatment plant or a water treatment plant (WTP) that use lake water as raw water.

Lake water has a brownish color display with high levels of turbidity and suspended solids are high enough. But the capacity of the lake is large enough, the water in this lake usually does not dry out when the dry season comes. Thus, the lake water fit for use as a source of raw water for the WTP.

Raw water from the lake was first pumped to the raw water pump to the water treatment plant. A number of chemical solutions are given to adjust the acidity of water (pH) and also to facilitate the formation of particles. Mixture of raw water and chemical solvents such rapid progress secar in the Static Mixer.

Next, the mixture into the settling tank for solids separation process and the liquid. From this tank, the water from the process pengengendapan then pumped into the Sand Filter for the decreased levels of turbidity by filtration through silica sand media. Filtered water and then spiked again with a solution of chlorine for disinfection before accommodated in the reservoir as clean water which is the final product. From this tank, product water is then distributed to places that need it with the help of Distribution Pump.

2. Domestic Waste Water Treatment Plant

This waste water originating from an office in Jakarta. The treatment process is applied is extended aeration using oxygen to speed up the activity of natural bacteria that treat wastewater in order to obtain the output is relatively clear and odor free. The process is continuous and ongoing nature of four different tanks, the tank Ekualiasasi (EqualizingTank), aeration (aeration tank), precipitation or sedimentation (settling or sedimentation tank), chlorination (Chlorination Tank), and disposal (Effluent Tank).

Raw waste water will first pass through the lattice screening or Bar Screen which eliminates the relatively large size solids such as paper and plastic tisue. Furthermore, the raw waste water into the tub equalization [Equalizing Tank] to be accommodated temporarily.

From the tank, the wastewater will be pumped constantly into the aeration tank [Tank aeration] with Pump equalization [Equalizing Pump]. In the aeration tank, the wastewater had to be stirred evenly [vigorously] with a diffused air from the blower through a series of water diffuser and mixed with activated sludge. This mixture is known as mixed liquor. Activated sludge was derived from the settling tanks and contain very many natural bacteria that will eat the organic waste, stabilize them, and assimilate into enegi, carbon dioxide, and new bio-mass.

Mixed liquor was then flows into settling tanks where solids, ie activated sludge, separate and settle. Supernatant water from the separation or having the character is relatively clear, and the levels of organic substances has been reduced tersuspensinya. Equilibrium is maintained by restoring some of the activated sludge into the aeration tank and remove [discharging] the deposition of waste water or supernatant. The supernatant is then entered into the chlorination tank.

Inside Tank Chlorination [Chlorination Tank], water processing results given chlorine solution. Its purpose is to kill bacteria and microorganisms that do not harm humans or animals. Mixture of water and chemical solution takes place in the barriers that winding [baffle]. This process is known as disinfection. The results of the disinfection process is accommodated temporarily in the tank Expenditure [Effluent Tank] and was ready to thrown into the common channel or a nearby river.


The screening process can be used directly or indirectly in the water treatment process. In a variety of water treatment process, filtration is the only process that is required. Additionally, screening may also be the first phase of a water treatment process is quite complicated. Various equipment for filtering water that we provide are as follows.

• Sand Filters
• Multimedia Filters
• Carbon Filter
• Iron Filter
• Cartridge Filter
• Ultra Filtration (UF)

Ion exchange technology have actually been used for years in the industry. During its development, there is now a wide range of resins contained in the market for various needs and regeneration system. As such, allow for savings in investment and operational costs. Ion exchange equipment used in the simplest of the softener and the other is a Double Bed Bed Demineralizer Demineralizer and Mix.

• Softener
Softener is a device to eliminate the content of calcium ions (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) from the water. In this way, levels of hardness (hardness) of water. The process is to replace Ca and Mg ions from the raw water with sodium ions (Na). If the softener has done a good job, it is necessary to the addition of Na ions. This process is called regeneration. Na ions are the source of salt. Regeneration process can be done with manual or automatic (based on time or volume of product water).

• Double Bed Deminerlizer
• Mix Bed Demineralizer
To eliminate the levels of other ions from the water, in addition to Ca and Mg ions, then the equipment can be used is Double Bed Bed Demineralizer Demineralizer or Mix. Positive ion exchange resin and negative ions incorporated into two different tanks in Double Bed Demineralizer. While on Bed Mix Demineralizer, both types of ion exchange resins are included in the same tank.

 The process uses ion exchange resins which can be negative (anions) and positive ions (cations) from the water. In this way, water will be obtained with a much higher purity than the raw water. The regeneration of the Double Bed Bed Demineralizer Demineralizer and Mix can be done with manual or automatic based on time or levels of dissolved solids in the product water).

Reverse Osmosis technologies, or commonly abbreviated Ro is the fastest growing technologies in water treatment. Since the old technology is used to produce water that can be used as a source of drinking water from almost any type of raw water. RO technology uses a special membrane and a high pressure process and therefore caused the separation of various elements dissolved in water. This method can produce drinking water quality standards in accordance with World Health Organization or WHO (World Health Organization). RO systems that we provide can be used in various types of raw water as follows.

• Tap Water (PAM Water or Well Water)
• Brackish Water (brackish water)
• Sea Water (Sea Water)

• Chlorination
• Ultraviolet (UV)
• Ozonation

Clarifier / sedimentation TANK

• Rectangular clarifier
• Tube Settler
• Inclined Plate Settlers


• Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI)
• Oil Trap
• Grease Trap


• Surface Water Treatment (river water, lake water, sea water)
• Deep Well Water Treatment (water wells in)
• Deep Well Installation (drilling wells in)
• Waste Water Recycle (recycling of waste water)


• Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) / Membrane Bio Reactor (Kubota)
• Industrial Waste Water Treatment (WWTP)
• Sludge Dewatering Unit

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