Continuous De-ionisation Plant

PT Banyu Biru Sejati Water Services Continuous De-ionisation (CDI) products are the most advanced generation of Ion Exchange technology currently supplied. CDI is a chemical-free process that uses ion exchange resins and electricity to produce ultrapure de-ionised water. Our products are environmentally friendly, operate with continuous production, and have extremely low operating costs when compared to chemically regenerated ion exchange technology. PT Banyu Biru Sejati Water Services currently has three lines of Deionisation systems utilising the Ionpure VNX, the LX and the MX series modules. We also offer supplementary equipment ranging from DC Power Controllers to Piping Adapters to fit your system requirements.

Essentially different from conventional ion exchange resin purification systems.

PT Banyu Biru Sejati Water Services continuous de-ionisation modules utilise ion exchange resins primarily as a bridge to allow electric current to pass through the electro de-ionisation cell. This allows us to operate the modules without any brine injection or concentrate recycle. Additionally, the ion exchange resins are used to 'polish' the purified water stream by removing minute quantities of silica, carbon dioxide and other contaminants. The ion exchange resins are continually being regenerated by the dissociated hydrogen and hydroxyl ions that have been created by the electric current. Continuous de-ionisation utilises no chemical regenerants and creates no hazardous

Salt Saturators

        Diameter availablity range 2m, 3.5m, 3m and 4m.
        Custom building service available for confined locations
        Salt level easily observed through the translucent saturator wall
        Designed for installation in either indoor or outdoor locations
        All components designed to provide non-corrodible long-term resistance to brine
        Stub flanges complete with polypropylene-encased steel backing flanges are fitted as standard to the brine outlet, ensuring case pipework connections


Brine saturators operate on the principle of a constant level of water passing through and dissolving a salt bed, emerging through the flanged outlet as saturated brine.
Package systems

IFD offer a comprehensive package including the provision of steelwork venting systems, brine holding tank, salt delivery and brine pipework. Pumps and controls are supplied to meet individual requirements.

The shells of IFD saturators are translucent and incorporate a UV stabiliser in order that salt and water levels can be readily seen. The top and bases are pigmented mid-blue as standard, but any alternative colour to BS4800 can be supplied.

A variety of venting systems is available to meet all requirements, inclusive of sock filters, water-assisted dust arrestor and customised vent pipework.

Our experienced engineers can undertake the installation and commissioning of all plant supplied.
Salt Data

At 20°C, saturated brine contains 26.45% salt by weight.

Density of saturated brine contains 26.45% salt by weight.

Density of saturated brine : 120gms/cc

1 tonne of PDV salt = approximately 3150 litres of saturated brine.

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