Demineralisation Plant

PT Banyu Biru Sejati supplies an extensive and comprehensive range of Demineralisation Plant.

For pure water and ultra-pure water for use as make-up to high-pressure boilers and for use in the pharmaceutical industry, micro-electronics industry and chemical/petrochemical industries, PT Banyu Biru Sejati water systems is available.

Our range of cation and anion exchange units are up to a flow rate 9.7m3/hr and the units employ both normal and counter-flow regeneration. These smaller standard units are:

    complete with automatic conductivity instigated regeneration
    central control panel

Control valves are either the well-proven 5-cycle multiport valve or, for larger units, a frontal manifold with individual corrosion-resistant valves.

The larger units are designed and manufactured to suit the client's requirements. The larger units typically can cope with flow rates up to 100m3/hr.

Acid and caustic used for automatic plant regeneration of the anion and cation streams can be from:

    semi-bulk acid
    or bulk acid containers

For ultra-pure water, additional mixed bed polishers can be provided - again depending upon the applications.

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