Filtration Plant

PT Banyu Biru Sejati Water Services Limited supplies an extensive and comprehensive range of Filtration Plant.

Raw water supplies i.e. river waters, dam waters, borehole waters, can be contaminated with high levels of suspended solids - typically:

    process foulants

The increasing need to save money on the cost of water and to better use this valuable resource, water re-use and re-cycling on industrial sites is becoming more important.

Filters minimise the build-up of suspended solids in cooling tower systems, under which harmful and troublesome bacteria grow, keeping systems clean and enhancing cooling efficiency.

PT Banyu Biru Sejati Water Services has filtration plant available to solve all of the above suspended solids problems with filter plants having the following filtration media:

    Graded sand/gravel
    Activated carbon
    Iron/Manganese removal media.

PT Banyu Biru Sejati range of standard filter vessels are conservatively sized to give flow loadings per square metre of filter bed which are well within design criteria and which therefore give improved and reliable filtration.

The units are available with either:

    Well-proven 5-cycle corrosion-resistant muitiport valve
    Or manifold with individual control valves

The units can be in simplex, duplex or multiple combinations.
Triplex combinations allow two filters to provide backwash water for the third filter, which often eliminates for large storage of clean water for backwash.

The filtration process is controlled from a central control panel complete with warning lights and an engraved mimic on which lamps show the service state of all items. The panel houses circuit breakers, motor starters and level switches and PLC.

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