Water Recycling

PT Banyu Biru Sejati Water Services offer a wide range of water recycling and water re-use equipment.

With the cost of mains water and effluent discharge rising we have designed package water recycling equipment for many industrial applications.

Recycling water allows process water to be re-used and saves treating, and disposing of effluent.

As each factory and customer differ so does the equipment required for water re-use and recycling and because PT Banyu Biru Sejati Water Services manufacture our own water treatment equipment in the UK we are able to optimise the necessary treatments at design stage ensuring you the customer gets the correct treatment technology for each individual application.

Current technologies used for water recycling and water re-use include:

    Carbon filters
    Sand filters
    Multi media sand/anthracite filters
    Ion exchange

Membrane technologies such as:

    Reverse Osmosis, Nano filtration, Ultra filtration and Micro filtration.
    Filter presses
    Nitrate removal filtration
    Sediment settling tanks
    pH correction equipment
    Oil and water separation equipment
    Electro plating
    Electro winning equipment
    Ultra Violet disinfection

PT Banyu Biru Sejati Water Services will tailor your packaged plant requirements from the above available technologies.

Because we manufacture the equipment in Indonesia, PT Banyu Biru Sejati can offer cost effective solutions again ensuring customer satisfaction.

Brominators & Chlorine Dioxide Generators

PT Banyu Biru Sejati's range of brominators are designed to provide a safe and simple method of controlling the dissolving of bromine-based tablets into a liquid form. The resultant liquid bromine solution is then used for micro-biological control in typically open evaporative cooling systems and process systems contaminated with micro-organisms.

The rate of dissolving is controlled by adjustment of the water flow through the brominator. For more accurate automated control of bromine levels, the brominator dispenser can be supplied with:

    Timer and solenoid
    Redox meter and solenoid

The complete package consists of:

    Brominator vessel
    Inlet and outlet pipework
    Spanner for vessel opening
    Cone for filling vessel with tablets
    Flow indicator for adjustment of water flow and dissolving rates

PT Banyu Biru Sejati has an extensive range of brominators which range from brominators holding 15kgs of tablets up to 425kgs of tablets.


For generating chlorine dioxide, PT Banyu Biru Sejati Water Services manufactures and supplies both the two and three chemical chlorine dioxide generator systems.

Servicing Package

Click on a link below to view PT Banyu Biru Sejati' various service schedules:

    General Service Schedule
    Base Exchange Service Schedule
    Dealkalisation / Degas Service Schedule
    Demineralisation Service Schedule
    Filtration Plant Service Schedule
    Reverse Osmosis Service Schedule

PT Banyu Biru Sejati Water Services offers our 'Total Service Package' for our own equipment and for plant from other suppliers.

The all-encompassing "Total Service Package" consists of typically:

    24-hour emergency help-line where you can, at any time, speak to a qualified engineer - weekends, evenings and nights
    Quality specifications on "what services you will receive for your plant"
    Site manuals for record-keeping - plant data, spares lists, service schedules, information storage
    Experienced Service Engineers - all carrying extensive spare kits and analytical testing equipment
    Loan of temporary plant if required.
    Spares at very reasonable competitive pricing - no additional, high, hidden service costs
    Breakdown cover - 4, 8, 12, 24 or 48 hours for contract customers
    Discounts for three-year contract
    Resin examination and analysis

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